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Project Team Rewards
Appendix V: Intrinsic Motivation: Negative Example
Winter and Frey & Osterloh (in Poeten 2002) state that intrinsic motivation does not
only have positive effects. Particularly if employees are intrinsically motivated to work
and the organisation changes its goals and culture, the intrinsic motivation of the
employees will not change that quickly. The differences between the organisation and the
employees’ value may then cause serious problems. For instance, an individual advocating
the use of
wind power probably will be a beneficial employee for a company producing
wind turbines. However, if the company’s top management decides to expand and to
produce solar panels, the employee’s
intrinsic motivation to work might decrease because
the employee might have the opinion that solar panels are not efficient. In case, the
company decides to invest in nuclear power it might be even possible that the employee
sabotages the new project.
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