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Project Team Rewards
Appendix IX: What are Success Criteria?
Different opinions exist about what the critical success criteria are in project
management. Some authors see project success as delivering the project on time, cost, and
quality (e.g. Robins 1993). Research shows that these criteria are by far the most common
ones used in practice (White & Fortune 2002). However, during the last few years authors
have started to criticise this approach. Atkinson (1999:337) describes time and cost
estimates as “two best guesses” and quality as a “phenomena”. Instead of focusing on
time, cost, and quality, the focus should lie on stakeholder satisfaction (Ling 2004). Shenar
et al. (2001) advocates
perceived project value and Hartman & Ashrafi (2003) achieved
project value for the organisation. Since it is not quite clear what success is, it is difficult
to determine what factors lead to success, and in how far rewards are important for project
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