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Project Team Rewards
Appendix X: List of Reviewed Case Studies
For the case study analysis (see 6. Verification of the Results / Case Studies Analysis, p.
59), 51 case studies from 28 authors were reviewed. The documents the cases were found
in are listed in Table 15
Table 15: Reviewed Case Studies
Internal Communication issues in an IT engineering department
Appelbaum et al. (2004)
The rise and fall of Supernet: a case study of technology transfer policy for smaller firms
Bessant (1999)
Information Technology Development Creativity: A Case Study Of Attempted Radical
Cooper (2000)
Case Study: Care Canada’s Grassroots Driven Knowledge-Management Strategy
Daly (2006)
A Case study of Zuquala Steel Rolling Mill
Degnitu  (2000)
Impact of employee, management, and process issues on constructability implementation
Eldin (1999)
The reward effect: a case study of failing to manage knowledge
Gal (2004)
Deviations, Ambiguity and Uncertainty in a Project-Intensive Organization
Hällgren & Olsson (2005)
Considering value during early project development: a product case study
Hamilton (2002)
Project Management Case Studies
Kerzner (2003b)
Assessing organisational obstacles to component-based development: a case study
Kunda & Brooks (2000)
Simple Services, Inc.: A Project Management Case Study
Liao (1999)
Software developer perceptions about software project failure: a case study
Linberg (1999)
The CeMENT project: a case study in change management
Macfarlande et al. (2002)
Developing managerial skills in IT organizations – a case study based on action learning
Mathiassen et al. (1999)
Successful implementation of ERP projects: Evidence from two case studies
Motwani et al. (2002)
Rewarding Teams: Lessons from the Trenches
Parker et al. (2000)
Trust in inter-organizational exchanges: a case study in business to business electronic
Ratnasingam (2005)
Improving project processes: best practice case study
Sarshar & Amaratunga (2004)
Real Web Project Management: Case Studies and Best Practices from the Trenches
Shelford & Remillard (2003)
A life cycle evaluation of change in an engineering organization: A case study
Singh & Shoura (2006)
Case Study: Changing the Culture to Foster Team Work
Sirota (2004)
Team-based strategy at Varian Australia: a case study
Sohal et al. (2003)
The Management of Change for Information Systems Evaluation Practice: Experience from
a Case Study
Sreafeimidis & Smithson (1996)
Customizing Concurrent Engineering Processes: Five Case Studies
Swink et al. (1996)
Stand und Trend des Projektmanagements in Deutschland
Volkswagen (2003)
The positive use of power on a major construction project
Walker & Newcombe (2000)
How to Ensure Quality and Cut Costs with Cultural Institution Value Methodology
Witschey & Wulff (1998)
Table 15: Reviewed Case Studies
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