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Project Team Rewards
Literature Review
review indicates it is. In contrast to the modest reward proponents, the extreme positions
only consider a few motivation theories. They ignore the other theories that do not fit into
their arguments and provide no justification for the ignorance. The modest reward
proponents consider
most of the motivation theories and justify the ignorance of
Taylorism and Herzberg’s two-factor theory. They provide a plausible and holistic
perspective on rewards, supported by empirical research. This perspective is even not
completely contradicting to the extreme positions since it includes them. The modest
perspective acknowledges, that situations may exist in which rewards are not suitable.
Furthermore, there exists evidence for both, situations in which rewards increased
motivation and situations in which rewards did not increase motivation. Accordingly,
something must
exist which is responsible for the differences. Only the modest reward
proponents’ perspective can explain these differences. It was therefore concluded that the
perspective of the modest reward proponents is the most suitable for explaining rewards.
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