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Project Team Rewards
Literature Review
3.5. Rewards in Project Management
In the previous section, it was concluded that the reward answers depend on the internal
and external reward factors. This was important since it builds the base for assuming that
rewards for project teams may differ from rewards for line teams. So far, the literature
review has not mentioned project team rewards. Although reward literature sometimes
mentions that rewarding project teams differs from rewarding line teams (e.g. Armstrong
& Murlis 2004), the differences are not covered in detail. 
This section discusses project management literature. During the review process, it was
noticed by the author that different disciplines of project management are looking at
rewards. Accordingly, this section first reviews general project management literature
about rewarding team members. Second, literature about incentive contracting is reviewed.
It follows a review of rewards in change management. Finally, it is reviewed in how far
rewarding is considered as a project success factor.
3.5.1.  Rewarding Project Team Members
The project management methodologies Prince 2
(CCTA 1999), APM Body of
Knowledge (APM 2000)
, V-Modell XT
(BRD 2004) and The
Guide to the Project
Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) (PMI 2004) were reviewed according to their
coverage of project team rewards. Despite the PMBOK, none of the methodologies
considers rewards and
motivation. Prince 2
states that these topics “are well covered by
existing and proven methods” without mentioning which ones these are (CCTA 1999:23).
The other two methods provide no justification for leaving these topics out. Only the
PMBOK is aware of the importance of rewarding project teams. It suggests creating a
reward plan as part of the staff management plan (PMI 2004). It gives confusingly
A more recent version of the APM Body of Knowledge was published in January 2006. This version could
not be researched because it was not available to the author. It might be that the new version includes
The V-Modell-XT is a German project management methodology for IT projects. It was originally designed
in 1986 and is compulsory for governmental IT projects but now is also used in the private sector.
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