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Project Team Rewards
1. Reward Decision: Rewarding or not rewarding?
2. Reward Target: Whom to reward?
3. Reward Objective: What to reward? 
4. Reward Type: What kind of reward?
5. Reward Extent: How much reward?
6. Reward Time: When to reward?
7. Conclusion
The introduction of this thesis
started by stating, that virtually nothing
is written about
rewarding project teams. This situation has changed at least a little through this thesis. The
research for this thesis
created new findings about rewards in general and rewards for
project management in particular. These findings are summarised in the following
It was found that all literature dealing with rewards was trying to answer at least one of
six so-called reward questions:
Three different perspectives of how to answer these questions were identified and
analysed. The first perspective claims that rewards cannot work. The advocates of that
perspective therefore only answer the first question, negatively. The second perspective is
exactly contradicting by claiming rewarding employees is easy and always improves their
motivation. The advocates of the second perspective propose that one right answer exists
to each of the six reward questions. The third perspective is arguing that variable factors
such as employees’ individuality or task characteristics determine the right answers.
Hence, different good practices in rewarding may exist but no “universally best practice”
(Armstrong & Murlis 2004:xi). It was shown that the third perspective provides the most
holistic and reliable view on rewards and therefore was preferable to the other two
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