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Project Team Rewards
Literature Review
For the thesis’
research, it was of major importance to identify which perspective is
correct. If rewards were not effective at all, there was no need to use rewards and
there would have been no need for further research in that field. In contrast, if one
universal reward strategy was always effective, no need had existed to analyse rewards for
project teams. The right reward strategy for project teams would be the same as for any
employee. Only if the modest reward proponents were right, rewards for project teams
might differ from rewards for line employees. 
Table 2: The Six Reward Questions and Possible Answers
Whether rewards are
effective or not is only one
question literature is
concerned with. Table
lists five further questions
and possible answers that
are important to the reward
proponents and that were
identified from the
literature review
. The six
questions are referenced to
as reward questions in this thesis. Possible answers are referred to as reward answers
Some administrational aspects cannot be assigned to these six questions: for instance, the question of how
to implement a reward system, how often to maintain it, or who within the organisation should finally have
the reward power. However, these aspects are not relevant for the basic idea and understanding of rewards. 
Reward Decision: Rewarding or Not Rewarding?
Yes / No
Reward Target: Whom to Reward?
a) Individuals / Group / Group and Individuals / Group and Top Performer
b) Managers / White Collar Workers / Blue Collar Workers /…
Reward Objective: What to Reward?
Results / Performance / Competence / Skills
Reward Type: What Kind of Reward?
Incentives / Recognition
Reward Extend: How Much Rewards?
20% / 15% / 10% / … of the base salary
Reward Time: When and How Often to Reward?
Once a year / Once a month / …
Table 2: Six Reward Questions and Possible Answers
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