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Project Team Rewards
5.3.3.  Impact of Change
Projects bring change. Usually literature deals with change that projects bring
to other
people (Turner & Müller 2003). For rewarding, it has to be considered that projects also
bring change to the team members. The change for the team members can be positive or
negative. Particularly in functional or matrix organisations, people only work temporarily
on a project. In those cases, a project may mean additional work or leaving a liked work
environment. On the other hand, the change could be perceived as welcome variation to
the daily routine. 
According to expectancy theory, the value of a goal is one of three factors influencing
the motivation. If the inherent value of the goal, respectively the change, is negative to a
team member, then motivation becomes negative. A reward could help to increase the
value of the change and hence increase motivation. In contrast, there seems to be less
reason to reward the change if the change is already perceived as positive by the team
members. The argument is also supported by equity theory. Employees compare their
current and future situation with two benchmarks: first, with their situation in the past and
second with the past and current situation of their peers. If they feel, their actual or future
situation will be worse than the benchmark they will feel treated unfairly. Rewards could
help to equilibrate the perception. 
The degree of change also affects the reward type. Since rewards should help to
overcome change resistors, it seems plausible that rewards should be agreed in advance.
Hence, the higher the negative change the more incentives seem to be appropriate instead
of recognition.
5.3.4.  Impact of Complexity
No indications could be found that a project’s complexity might affect the reward
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