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Project Team Rewards
About this Book
About this Book
This book gives you a comprehensive introduction to rewards in general and project
team rewards in particular. Motivation theories and their impact on designing an effective
and efficient reward system
are explained. Throughout the book six so-called ‘reward
questions’ are considered that need to be answered for designing a reward system. These
reward questions are: Rewarding or not rewarding? Whom to reward? What to reward?
What kind of reward? How much reward? When to reward? In addition, impacts of
variable factors that may influence the answers to the reward questions are identified and
explained. Some of those factors are employee’s age, the company’s culture but also
project characteristics such as the project’s goal clarity, applied success criteria, project
duration or member fluctuation. 
After reading this book, you will not know the universally valid best reward practice
that fits for every project team and every project. Such a best practice just does not exist in
rewarding as also shown in the book. Instead, the book provides you with profound
information that will help you developing
your own good reward practice for your unique
project and your unique project team. Finally, this will lead to higher project team
members’ motivation and therefore higher probability of project success.
Primarily, the book’s target audience are project managers and line managers. Project
managers shall be sensitised to the numerous aspects that need consideration for designing
a reward system in general. Line managers shall be sensitised to the differences between
line and project work and resulting differences in designing a reward system. In addition,
this book is
for interested students, professionals, and of course researchers in the field of
(project team) rewards.
Please note, that this book originally was written as a Master’s
Thesis. Accordingly,
you should not expect to read a ‘normal’ text book but a Master’s
Please visit
for the author’s contact details. Any comments on this
book are most welcome.
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