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Project Team Rewards
This book
would not exist if I had not received support from so many people. Above
all, I am profoundly indebted to Prof. Dr. Claus Rautenstrauch and Dr. Casey Wilson
who were very generous with their time and knowledge. I also express my gratitude to
Prof. Dr. Michael Dick who gave me valuable advice. Greg Eikosipentarchos, Gaspar
Marques, and Stephen Odeyemi are thanked for helping me in a situation when I did not
know how to go on. For proofreading and providing some ‘last-minute ideas’, I am
grateful to Felix Alcala, Kirsty Brown,
Béla Gipp, and Lars Petersen. Finally, but
certainly not least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family and friends for
providing me shelter, food, moral support, and anything else I needed to stay motivated
finishing the thesis and finally this book.
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