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Project Team Rewards
1. Introduction
Much has been written about rewarding line employees and much has been written
about project management. However, a subject, which virtually nothing has been written
about, is the question of how to reward
project teams. This gap in the literature was
uncovered by an initial literature review and was the stimulus for this thesis (Beel 2006). 
The thesis’ aim, therefore, was to close the identified gap by providing a holistic view
on rewards for project teams. This was mainly accomplished by literature-based research.
The current role and use of rewards for project teams in practice was the first area
researched. Secondly, the differences between line work and project work and how this
could affect the design of rewards was investigated. The
focused on the special
characteristics that projects usually have such as limited duration and
high uncertainty of
goals and processes to reach the goals. Finally, twelve identified project characteristics
were analysed regarding their effects on designing an effective reward system. The results
were verified by additional analyses of case studies. 
The thesis’
target audience are project managers, human resource managers and line
managers. The overall thesis’
aim is to sensitise project managers to the complexity of
rewards since project management literature paints a superficial and simplified picture of
rewards. Human resource and line managers shall be sensitised to the special project
characteristics that require consideration since these aspects are widely ignored in the
general reward literature. This will help to increase project success and,
organisational success. However, this thesis
is the first academic work dealing with
rewards for project
teams in detail¹. It should be seen as the first step in closing the
identified gap. The thesis provides ideas and possible answers, supported by research, but
the thesis also gives space for further discussions and research. 
To the best of the author’s knowledge and research
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