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Project Team Rewards
Literature Review
Two basic assumptions were made before starting this thesis. First, rewards may be
and second, rewards for project teams need to differ from rewards for line
employees to be as effective as possible
. The moderate perspective that was identified
supports these assumptions. Since project work differs from line work to some extent, it
seems likely that at least some reward factors differ and therefore so should the reward
answers. Surprisingly, both project management and reward literature do not cover project
team rewards in detail. This gap has already been noticed in an initial literature review
(Beel 2006) and was confirmed by this investigation of the literature. Accordingly, further
research was necessary to close the gap and identify possible impacts of the project’s
characteristics on the reward answers.
If rewards could not be effective, there would be no need to use rewards and hence no need to do research
in that field.
Otherwise, existing knowledge from rewarding line teams could directly be applied to rewarding project
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